Saturday, April 25, 2009

Trip To Seattle

Well.. I'm a little bit late in posting all this..... BUT... Christian and I had a wonderful trip to visit his Grandpa Allen and his Aunts Christina and Catherine in Seattle back in February. We were able to spend one day at Alki beach, downtown Seattle, and at the Space Needle. We even had dinner there.. it was the most amazing dinner EVER! Below are a few of the hundreds of pictures we took... including pictures of the oh so amazing dinner! :)

Eating a burrito at my Dad's favorite Mexican joint:

Looking out the window from the Space Needle restaurant:

Opening Christmas presents from his Grandpa:

Just a super cute picture:

My beautiful baby sisters:

Silly me with Christian's favorite toys... Don't I make a good Medusa though? Aaron calls me Medusa when I wake up in the morning b/c my hair is always so messed up.... so now he knows what Medusa really is! :)

Alki Beach:

Christian had to eat and drink everything I had for dinner... So here he is guzzling my water, AFTER eating bread dipped in hazelnut oil:

And here is the first course; pecan crusted artisan goat cheese with crusty bread, a basil arugula salad, and a blackberry syrup... it was sooooooo tasty that I took a few bites before I realized I should take a picture!

For the main course, I had a peppercorn crusted Kobe steak, roasted heirloom potatoes, veggies, with a red wine reduction, also amazing!

And for dessert, a sorbet trio: mango, blackberry, and raspberry, topped with fresh berries and mint:

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