Saturday, April 25, 2009

Trip to Michigan and Kentucky

Mid-March, Aaron, Christian and I flew to Michigan for a week, and drove down to Kentucky as well overnight. Christian was great.. he slept on all the flights... and nearly the whole drive! I, however, got very, very sick on the flights, as I was in the early stages of pregnancy.... I suspected it, and took a pregnancy test the day after we arrived, which was negative. However, after the miserable flights home, I decided to take another... and, yup.. Christian has a sibling on the way! Anyhow, here are some pictures from the trip!

Christian with his Great Grandma Doute, my mother's mom:

A very happy baby crawling around:

Christian with his Great Grandpa Doute, my mother's father:

Trying to eat a whole chicken leg:

Enjoying putting his foot on the table:

Christian with his Great Grandma Allen, my father's mother:

Christian with my foster parents, Anita and David:

With my longtime best friend Aletha:

In front of my Mom's headstone:

On the airplane:

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