Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nakee time!!!

He just loves to be stripped down so he can kick around and "air out" a bit.

Adventures in Peaches and Very Berry Banana

Christian is starting to figure out what a spoon is for

And when he's still hungry, he'll try to eat the container as well!

He's getting curious about the bowl... but he's not got that one down so well just yet....

Killer Bunnies...

We recently played killer bunnies with the Embry's. Christian was sitting in his Daddy's lap, and kept trying to grab the cards in his hands and got quite upset that Daddy wouldn't give them to him... I couldn't figure out why he was so interested... and Aaron reminded me that I'm play with flashcards with Christian... he thought daddy had his flashcard and wouldn't share!!

From Grandma Willard's Funeral

Family Scripture Time....

Reading Scriptures with his Daddy

More time with Mommy!

I just love his cuddles and kisses.... They are the highlights of my days...

Too cute to scare

I walked upstairs to see this...

Reaction to other babies....

Christian has been quite humorous lately, when we've brought him near another baby. The first pictures are of Calvin. Christian looked so confused the whole time he was here, and even tried to eat Calvin's arm.

And here is Christian staring at Connor trying to figure out what he is!

Giant Sucker!!

Already eating all my money!