Monday, December 1, 2008

Finally got a crib

We finally got Christian a crib. Well, actually, it was about a month ago I've just been slow to post pictures... He loves the animals on his mobile.. he reaches up to grab them and laughs and kicks and giggles when they go around. When they stop, he screams for them to be turned on again! I just love watching him react to new things...

Eric has a new girlfriend..

This is Eric's beautiful girlfriend Erica... Eric and Erica... awww how cute!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Funny faces, celery, and a teddy bear

Cuddles in our pajamas

The White House

Aaron went to D.C for work recently and snapped this picture of the white house...

Excitement from down town

There was a big rally/protest/debate/not sure what to call it on the issue of Gay marriage.. and I happened to be downtown for it.... saw some interesting things.. the best was Farmer John the preacher and his bright red boom box... here are a couple of pictures

After surgery yesterday....

On the way home from the hospital.. in my very drugged up state.. I took this picture to send to my sisters to see what I looked like.. It amuses me greatly so I thought I should share it!

First date without Christian..

Well, it took us almost 6 months, but we went on a date! First, it was Panda express at the Gateway... then the nosebleed section of the Jazz vs the Suns at the Delta Center with Greg and Ambrie.. followed by some icecream! Here is a shot of the scoreboard that I took to prove to a friend that the Jazz were kicking her team's butt!!!

So cute in his beanie...

Monday, November 10, 2008


Time with Daddy...

More cuteness..

Where'd my thumb go?

Just being adorable....

Pulling Mommy's hair...

Just a cute moment Daddy caught on camera. This kid gets a hold of something he wants and he pulls it to his face as hard as he can! And he does NOT let go!

My new favorite treat.....

Christian LOVES graham crackers. We discovered this when we spent a few days with his Grandma Kopp. He demolishes those things in a few seconds flat!!!

Just being cute, as always!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sorry I've been a slacker!

I feel like I haven't posted in forever!!! (Before tonight of course!) I have a ton more pictures on my camera that I need to upload too! (Thats at home though, and I'm spending the night in Orem)

Well.. Aaron's staying busy with work, as usual! :) I'm getting ready to have surgery on my sinuses on the 19th... and I'm finally on some medication for my crazed thyroid!

We are looking forward to Christmas... it should be very entertaining with Christian around! :)

Thats about all the "news" in our family right now! Nothing too exciting!

Carving Pumpkins at Grandma and Grandpa's House!

Christian stole a chunk of pumpkin and chewed on it all night! You'd think it would taste horrible, but he didn't think so!

Yummy Halloween Candy!

Christian just LOVES tootsie pops.... and he happened to get one while trick or treating at the ward party.... I also promised to let him eat a piece of hershey's chocolate after he picked it out of a bowl of candy all by himself! Here are the beautiful results!