Sunday, August 31, 2008

More adventures in eating......

Here is Christian's new highchair! It's really convenient.. it just straps to the chair at the table so it doesn't take up much space. Later, it turns into a booster seat so he can use it until he's 2 or 3 even! :) He seemed a bit confused the first time we put him in it.

Here he is enjoying his avocado. Note the spot of banana mango on his left eyebrow.. haha.....

I handed him the spoon to occupy him while I heated up the food... and he decided to try to get it in his mouth... I'd say he got pretty close! ;) I love the Elvis lip action too!

Really learning how to get ahold of things!

Here's Christian on his playmat.. he's finally figured out how to grab things and kick them... and use his hands to put toys in his mouth! We're still working on the roll over thing!

The faces he makes!!!

So, maybe its just a mom thing, and not exciting to everyone else.. but I just LOVE the faces that Christian makes!!! So.. here are a few of the ones I've caught on camera recently...

Purple faced baby!

Christian currently has thrush mouth from being on an antibiotic (lame right?) well, at any rate, the pediatrician suggested I put some of this purple stuff called Gentian Violet on my breasts to avoid spreading it to me through feeding him..well.. this is what his face looked like after he nursed w/ that stuff on me... hahaha.. looks like he got into some blueberry pie or something..

Uncle Justin came to visit!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Poll Sound Picnic

Yesterday was the Poll Sound company picnic... it was a lot of fun, as usual, but not as many people this year!!! At any rate.... Christian had fun.. being passed around to everyone!!!

He also got to taste a pickle and play with a water balloon.....

Daddy, Bryce, and Brad were launching the water balloons and all the kids were trying to catch them...

Troy grilled up some very tasty steak and chicken!

This is Christian's favorite position.. if he is crying, and you hold him like this.. it's instant happy baby!

Just a few more pictures of Christian...