Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Cutest Things....

Well, this morning, Aaron found Christian with his feet at the end of his bed where his head was when we laid him down, and flipped over onto his back!!!

After his first nap, we found him with both legs somehow into one leg of his pajamas!

And just now, he shared my lunch. He ate off a FORK with no problems! I fed him some cous cous and baby brocoli, soybeans, and water chestnuts... he loved it all.. but was especially fond of the cous cous!! I think that might be what he gets for dinner tonight!! He even drank water out of my water glass... what a big boy!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The oh so humorous Aaron

And here is the amazingly gorgeous Aaron.... I just love his sense of humor don't you? By the way, that is chewed up bologna sandwich! :)

His new fascination: Drinking from a cup...

Well, Christian has decided that everything we drink is his and he has to taste it. He's now tasted water, milk, chocolate milk, and this morning, orange juice. He goes nuts when he sees a cup, so I've decided its time to start letting him try to drink from a cup again. Before, he'd just throw the cup off his high chair.. but later today, we'll try drinking again.. I'm SURE that will be entertaining.... (and messy) but for now, here are some pictures of him totally mooching Daddy's drinks!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Christian Talking!

I just think this is adorable so I'm going to share it!

Christian Laughing

Here is some video proof (FINALLY) of Christian laughing! :)